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(no subject) [Nov. 11th, 2006|04:36 pm]
Hm, I'm not quite sure if, or what I should write here at all...
Originally, I was sure I would never want to join LJ. Writing doesn't come easily to me and I am slow and lazy, quite apart from the fact that I think my life won't interest anyone. So how come I'm here all the same?

Here are some facts about me, if anyone happens to come by here, wondering who I am.
I am married and have 2 sons (20 and 16) a large house and garden, so I have quite enough on my hands even without a job.(I used to work as an Orthoptist)
Thanks to my elder son, I read LotR for the first time about 5 years ago. It was quite a revelation! No other book has so fascinated, thrilled and moved me, and none has stimulated my fantasy and enriched my life as much! I soon was more of a fan than my son! Not only did I read the Hobbit, the Silm. ,UT but after reading “On Faery-stories” I got interested in Tolkien himself and his world view, I read his biography and letters and the minor works as well.

A side-effect of my love for Middle-earth was that for the first time (!) I began using a computer and my husband and sons taught me to use the Internet so I could get in touch with other fans all over the world. I joined "Elronds Haus" and then the Barrowdowns Forum (where I am known as "Guinevere" (that name, alas, was already taken here in LJ)
My dear husband has no interest in fantasy at all( he only reads non fiction), but he tolerates my “obsession” with patience.

My next discovery in the internet was the world of Tolkien-FanFiction, and here we come to the reason why I finally ended up here all the same: while I was waiting for the next chapters from my favourite FF author Tehta, I started reading her LJ and found her entries and the discussions there quite fascinating. So, in order to add comments that are not anonymous, I got an account here.
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